Judy Rushin Wears Weelsee Wen

A solo exhibition featuring new textile-based works by artist Judy Rushin

July 1-28, 2019

Judy Rushin’s newest body of work is a series of highly textured fiber wall pieces presented through the persona Weelsee Wen, a time traveling artist of Rushin’s invention. These pieces represent jumpsuits of various utilitarian functions ranging from mechanic’s coveralls to hazmat suits which are hand-tufted onto canvas backings with cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers and painted with synthetic dyes and paints. Rushin’s work has always focused on finding meaning through the process of making, and most recently these processes have led her to the question, what will I wear to the apocalypse?

“David Bowie said an outfit is an entire life experience. I’m thinking about Bowie throughout this whole body of work from the use of a persona to the idea of using clothes as subject matter,” Rushin states. Rushin hopes that by allowing Weelsee Wen to return with work from the year 2048, we might actually have an answer to the question.

About the Artist
Judy Rushin (b. 1959) is an American artist who works across a variety of media. For over 2 decades Rushin has continuously sought new ways to create meaning from materials through painting and sculpture. While she works in a wide array of media, the structural basis of Painting – frame, support, surface – have always been her physical jumping off point. She began weaving her own canvases two years ago and has become hooked on textiles. An underlying idea in many of Rushin’s projects is the human capacity to adapt to a wide variety of situations. Recently Rushin has specifically been making work about the near future.

Judy Rushin, ‘1927/1972/2021’, fiber and dyes, 2019 

Rushin has shown her work extensively in the US. Recent exhibitions include the Ringling Museum of Art, the Orlando Museum of Art, The Alexander Brest Museum, Co-Lab Projects (Austin), Terrain Projects (Chicago), C For Courtside (Knoxville). She founded the project Comma, an annual publication of objects produced collaboratively with invited artists. Comma and her other artist book vvvvv, are in numerous collections including the Frick Library, Vanderbilt University, University of Wisconson, Miami University, MassArt, Baylor University, University of Washington, University of Southern California, Cal Poly University, and University of Utah. She has completed residencies at MASS MoCA, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and Hambidge. Rushin lives in Tallahassee where she is an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the FSU Facility for Arts Research. Comma’s upcoming edition, I’m Never Coming Home, is a bugout box for the apocalypse.

To learn more visit judyrushin.com and commaboxart.com

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