Future Framed Works

In this experimental group exhibition, we have collected a range of complex moving images loosely related to one’s performances in online spaces. The artists in the exhibition tackle questions of the body, pop-culture, and the problems presented wherever we oscillate between the physical and the virtual. Undeniably questions surrounding the patriarchy, inclusion and accessibility, and cultural disparities are presented through a politicized lens, and that lens is sharpened by the modes with which each artist deploys a simultaneously humorous and critical response. The artists deploy; the televised fitness persona, digital filters, constructed interfaces, online videos, broken links, misplaced textures, machinimatic narratives, the charm of the influencer, and any collection of popular and unpopular aesthetic techniques whose entertainment value is only matched by a potency of wit.

Liat Berdugo:


Liat Berdugo is an artist, writer, and curator whose work -- which focuses on embodiment and digitality, archive theory, and new economies -- interweaves video, writing, performance, and computer programming to form a considerate and critical lens on digital culture. Berdugo has been exhibited in galleries and festivals internationally, and she collaborates widely with individuals and archives.

Gabriella Torres-Ferrer:


Gabriella Torres-Ferrer’s work challenges viewers to untangle their complex networks of literary, artistic and historical references, while simultaneously inviting them to reconsider their own relationships with the works and the general culture that frames them. [The work is] Often opening questions about possible futures, or addressing new realities such as the taken-for-granted digital reality we live in; the structures of power and means of production/exchange and how this is redefining human nature and cybernetics.

Rebecca Forstater:


Rebecca Forstater's research and interdisciplinary practice focus on rearranging current and past inextricably violent interactions in an unbounded digital culture as a way of imagining future possibilities.

Bahareh Khoshooee:


Bahareh Khoshooee’s practice explores the concept of self and other, technology and its imperfection, diaspora culture and fragmentation. Confabulation (fabricating memories unintentionally) has become a means of resistance: to fill the gaps of identity, to hold the fragments of self together. [The work] questions the difference between confabulators and gas-lighters, false memory and alternative facts.