Liz Clayton Scofield: The play’s the thing

What story does the body tell? Could there be new ways of being within a body? In this body of work Liz utilizes the convention of a staged “play” to explore the ways in which identity can be viewed as a performance and through a relationship, between sculpture and video, they poetically design a DIY guide on social constructions related to living in a queer body.

Their work in this exhibition, A Practical Guide for Everyday Be-Coming (Tutorials), presents an opportunity for an engaged participant to learn “how to” something. Conventions become rules, potentially liberating through play. Play with and within it, discovering what brings joy and connection within the confines of social constructions.

“A body might be a convention, or a nebulous cluster: summit and/or explore and/or fall down.”

As part of Liz’s exhibition they will debut a new flag for our AIR_(space) Project. Please join us for an opening reception and the raising of the flag on Saturday August 7, at 5pm in the courtyard of The Packing Plant.

About the artist: Liz Clayton Scofield

[they/them/their] is a cloud, an orange, and a sonnet, seeking like- minded nebulous accumulations, citrus fruits, and poetic forms to play with across skies, trees, and pages. They are an interdisciplinary artist, writer, wanderer, play advocate, and collaborator. Their creative practice involves a lived performance in collaboration with tiny toy versions of themself, where they explore how to play, how to be a cloud, how to connect with others, how to eat an orange, and how to love, among other things. Their work has been featured in publications including Number, Nashville Arts, Wussy, and Dinner Bell. Exhibitions and performances include Cucalorus Festival, SeedSpace, Fuller Projects, and Noise Gallery. They have been an artist-in-residence with Cucalorus, the School of Making Thinking, Lazuli, and the JHU-MICA Film Centre. They hold an MFA in digital art from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a made-up BA from Vanderbilt University.