Guest Curated by Chelsea Thompto

View the Transcode Exhibition. (9/5)
View the Transcode Interactive Exhibition. (9/18)
micha cárdenas. Redshift and Portalmetal. 2015.

This exhibition has been curated around the ideas found in the Transcode Manifesto by Chelsea Thompto. The works were curated into the exhibition for the variety of ways they enact the ideas outlined in the manifesto. The artists included in the show are:

micha cárdenas
Anaïs Duplan
Everest Pipkin
Chris E. Vargas

This exhibition will take place concurrently at Unrequited Leisure for the month of September, and it will also include a space at New Art City opening September 18. Additionally, the works in this exhibition are hosted on sites around the internet. As such, this site serves as a point of connection between these various spaces enacting trans practice by facilitating the viewer’s migration across and through various web spaces.

View the exhibition here.