If you have ever submitted to a “Call for Art” you are most likely familiar with the term, JPEG. This popular file format has been commonly used to store digital photos and supports varying levels of compression, which allows photographic images to be quickly transmitted over the Internet. What you may be less familiar with is “The Joint Photographic Experts Group” , which is the organization that JPEGs are named after. In 1992, they came together and published the first JPEG specification standard, and continue to meet, usually every four years, to discuss and develop variations of the format. Their organization also hosts a website that provides content of interest and relevance to the technology communities they belong to.
In the spirit of forming new internet communities, we have designed an interactive group exhibition and we invite you to be online with us.
All of you.
The guiding concept in this exhibition resides in the action of taking the call and organizing ourselves to create a temporary digital community.