Between One Thing and Another

Anne Stagg

About the Exhibition:

In this solo exhibition, Anne Stagg will present her current body of work that she describes as “straddling the line of mass production and the hand-made: systematic repetition in contrast with individual quirkiness.” Play and experimentation are guiding forces in her work and she employs digital fabrication technology alongside traditional hand skills like painting, sewing, and wood/metal work.

About the Artist:

Stagg was born in Huntsville, Alabama, and received her MFA in Painting from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She is an artist, mother, wife, educator, and administrator who currently serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Chair of the Department of Art at The Florida State University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate level classes in the areas of critique, theory, professional practices, and foundations.

You can find out more about her work at her website,