Adjusting the Lens

Shelby Adams, McLean Fahnestock, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Wayne Robert Thomas, Ron Lambert, Raquel Meyers 

About the Exhibition:

Please join us Saturday November 9th, 6-8pm for Adjusting the Lens, a traveling screening program of experimental video by a diverse group of regional, national, and international video artists curated and organized by Clint Sleeper and Chalet Comellas. 

We will have beverages and snacks from Zolli Koffee! 

About the Artists:

Shelby Lee Adams, born 1950, in Hazard, Kentucky. He considers his photography to be a personal search for our interconnectedness, collaboratively working with his childhood friends and those introduced and known to him in the hollers. He becomes familiar photographing again and again with those he establishes relationships. He believes accepting and appreciating others, revisiting and creating new portraits over time leads to a more equatable way of seeing, bonding, and developing deeper relationships that break down stereotypes and misunderstandings revealing a more intimate view of our fragile humanity. Shelby holds photo degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Art, University of Iowa and Mass College of Art.

McLean Fahnestock seeks out footage, images, and items that expand our understanding of place and carry the character of exploration. McLean received a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University and MFA from California State University Long Beach. Her work has been exhibited and screened across the United States and Internationally at institutions such as the Aurora Picture Show and Menil Collection, Houston, Frist Art Museum, Nashville, Black Mountain College Re{Happening}, North Carolina, Technisches Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria, The California Science Museum, Los Angeles, The British Library, London, and MOCA Hiroshima, Japan.

Toby Kaufmann-Buhler`s current practice explores the difference between the output of electronic media signals (images, video, sound) and what is perceived at the input. The journey and path of the signal (and how it is transformed by different processes) is very important, and has real-world implications which he explore in different types of work.

Wayne Robert Thomas is an Indianapolis based musician who composes drones like sculpting in wet cement, each movement turning slowly upwards while simultaneously being locked into time and space.

Ron Lambert is an Associate Professor at Bloomsburg University with a BFA from University of Connecticut, Storrs, and an MFA from School of Art and Design at Alfred University. continually draws inspiration from places around where he lives, particularly sites in older areas hidden from the flow of traffic. Places not yet desirable for redevelopment. He sees businesses leaving up old damaged signs–having lasted decades–are then semi-obscured by inexpensive digital prints. This forms a vision of history no longer being removed for the sake of progress, but rather left as a shadow of inception. All of this is framed by parking lots being pushed apart by weeds and grass.

Raquel Meyers works with storytelling in text mode (ascii, petscii, etc) on the classic Commodore 64 game console where she has developed a unique way to produce audiovisual works and installations utilizing animated drawings in 8 bit format. Lightrhythmvisuals released her collected works in 2010 on the DVD ‘Useless, Yet Crucial’. It shows her characteristic mix of black humor, surreal imagery and low-res graphics. During her time in the AV group Entter (2000-2007) she developed a visual esthetic by animating on the Commodore 64 in text mode. Noticeable in animation are The Emperor’s Snuff Box (2008) and the stop motion work Dodekafobia (2009) Polybius (2010) and her solo A/V performance Error Holidays (2011). Since 2004 she has performed at Transmediale, Mapping Festival, Brussels Cimatics, Tokyo Blip Festival, LABoral and LEV Festival. She currently lives and works in Sweden.