Adjusting the Lens: FEST!

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Adjusting the Lens FEST was 4 days of experimental film & video in the gallery and online! It took place Dec 3 – Dec 6 of 2020.

This screening program brings together a diverse group of regional, national, and internationally recognized artists, selected by the team at Unrequited Leisure. Adjusting the Lens is a series of traveling screening events started in 2018 by Clinton Sleeper and Chalet Comellas Baker.

These events are organized around thematic selections of works and have been presented in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues. This year we are launching a hybrid version of the project, featuring new online programming each day along with a presentation of the full program running on loop in our physical gallery space.

Gallery Hours for ATL:FEST!
December 3-6, 2020 11am-6pm
On Saturday 12/5 our hours extend until 9pm

*Please wear a mask and practice social distancing for gallery visits.

Online Screenings:

Kirsten Bailey
Growth of a City, 2019
Rebecca Arp
Militant (After Maria Eichhorn), 2020
The Market-19: The Quilt, 2020
Sydney Kaemmerlen
Don the Mask, 2020
Ted Maertens
Wil, 2020
Sophie Stark
still dreaming about you, 2020

Jason Bernagozzi
I Believe it is a Signal, 2012
Keaton Fox
My Memory is Always Full VI, 2019
Lena Chen, Molly Baber, + Erica Merritt
Parker Phelps
Score for a Roller Coaster with Graham, 2018
Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Harm, 2019
Aaron Oldenburg
Seer (KOR), 2016
Mark Franz
Body Without Organs, 2015
Barrett White
Untitled (Triptych), 2016
Lex Turnbull
I heard intimacy requires vulnerability, 2018
Eric Souther
Ritual and Repetition, 2018
I’m Fine, 2020
Lyndsey Walsh
Return of the Teratoma, 2018


John C. Kelley
Guster, 2019
Parker Phelps
Description #1, 2018
Karl Erickson
We Tried to Tell You, 2019
Justin Lincoln
SuperImpositions, 2019
Jody Zellen
Photo News, 2020
Amelia Johannes
Family Portraits (the matriarch/patriarch), 2019
Elissa Ecker
Cradle, 2017
Ellen Mueller
Resist in Place, 2019
Kiley Brandt
Allison Tanenhaus + Alex Kittle
Grace Jones + Madonna, 2019
Andrew Haik Demirjian
Pan-terrestrial People’s Anthem Track1, 2018
joy tirade
The Wilderness, 2017

Allison Tanenhaus + The Square Root of Negative Two
Dustria, 2020
Christine Lucy Latimer
House Pieces, 2019
Toby Kaufmann-Buhler
Walter’s Wandering Set, 2015
Ralph Klewitz
WZ743_Mont6, 2019
Jean-Michel Rolland
Une Foule en Colere, 2019
Tyler Worthington
Missed Connections, 2019
Robert Ladislas Derr
Eden: 4′ 33″, 2018
Lucia Riffel
Static, 2019
Eric Dennis Charlton + Adam Wagerman
Galveston, 2019
David Webber
L_B, 2019
Rosa Nussbaum + Kevin Brophy
Keeping Young & Living Longer: How to Stay Active & Healthy Past 100, or How to Avoid Life Shortening Errors, 2019