Exhibition Dates
Oct 3 – Nov 9

Sam Lavigne, Lydia Moyer, and MORE

First Saturday Opening Reception
October 1, 5-8pm
First Saturday Closing Reception
November 5, 5-8pm

About the Exhibition: Some years ago the television was the primary tool that candidates and their campaign directors used to message campaign slogans, slander other candidates, and exploit voters. The visual language developed on this platform now permeates the majority of our technology leading up to each election. Those idiosyncrasies that emerge within each cycle are quickly usurped by a prevailing, overarching, and perhaps even comforting-if-only-by-way-of-familiarity, tone of electoral politics. The subsequent sigh of the voting body arrives for us in couplets, once as the ads are terminated from our devices and a second time as the election results are counted. The artists in this thematic exhibition take up the visual language of electoral politics in different ways to further complicate, problematize, and reflect on the ways in which our political system is now interwoven with the human experience.

The curation of the exhibition mirrors the frenetic pace of the cross-platform media buy, expanding and intensifying its presence exponentially as election day approaches.
Each week more artists are added to the video feed looping inside Unrequited Leisure, culminating in a frenzied cacophony in the days leading up to the midterm elections.