In Solidarity

As a small gallery space and more recently as a virtual gallery, we welcome the call to collaboratively move forward on projects concerned with the representation of black artists and institutional accountability. We approach this project with rigor and are earnestly listening to the members of our extended community who have shared incredible resources for supporting this urgent moment. We are mindful of the historical precedents leading up to this moment and the radical tactics required for moving forward to a world transformed, with racial justice as a guiding principle.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and we wholeheartedly support the intersectional approach of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

We mourn for the families and communities of Tony McDade, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many others who have been disproportionately targeted by a justice system embedded with racist ideologies and violent strategies.

Our website currently hosts vital resources and we will continue to occupy a position of active listening (signing petitions, donating to organizations, buying artwork from black artists, supporting black-owned businesses, among other forms of support) and holding space for artists and activists bringing about meaningful change toward a more just world. 

We do this with the hope of making space for and amplifying the voices of community members working to share news and rally support for a movement, for which we stand in solidarity.

(Many compiled by outside sources)

Black Lives Matter Nashville

Gideon’s Army
“Gideon’s Army is a community-based, grassroots organization that uses restorative justice programs to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline through social activism by children, families, and the community. Our programs address school-push-out, youth violence, policing, and juvenile justice.”

Nashville Bail Fund

Black Lives Matter:

Email templates and resources:

Audre Lorde Project Linktree:

Master sheet for bailout funds:

Media Resources
Image Scrubber by Everest Pipkin

Anonymize your online footprint by Everest Pipkin

An Activists Guide to Information Security (2016)
(Sprout – by the Anarchist Black Cross – Dresden)

Digital Security for Activists
(Sprout – by The Riseup Collective)
Older and interesting for understanding the history of security online

Criticism and Interesting Counterpoints (A subjective list)
This response:

To this (or lists like these) Anti-Racist Reading List

This great roundtable:
Starts right around the 20 minute mark

Boots Riley Twitter story – compelling and accessible as he is well known to be:

An additional list of resources compiled by our interns
(for whom we are so thankful!)